The present study aims to investigate phytochemical screening, Total phenolic content, Total flavonoid content, Antioxidant activities and antimicrobial activity of Pinus roxburghii collected from Kavre district of Nepal. This involves extraction with various solvents (Aqueous, Methanol, Acetone and Hexane). Phytochemical analysis reveals presence of interesting metabolites like cardiac glycosides, saponin, Protein, Quinone, sterols, tannin and terpenoids. Total phenolic content and flavonoid content was determined using spectrophotometric analysis and revealed maximum against methanol extract. Total phenolic content was found to be 57.34±0.02 mg of GAE/gm (leaf methanol extract), 54.15±0.04 mg of GAE/gm (Cone methanol extract) and 69.24±0.04 mg of GAE/gm (bark methanol extract). Similarly flavonoid content was found to be 51±0.01 mg of quercetin equivalent/gm (Leaf methanol extract), 52.7±0.04 mg of quercetin equivalent/gm (Cone methanol extract) and 62.39±0.03 mg of quercetin equivalent/gm (Bark methanol extract). Extracts were further investigated for antioxidant properties and antimicrobial properties.

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