Ashish Bashyal is a co-founder of Biodiversity Conservancy Nepal (Biocon) — a non-profit research institute dedicated to wildlife conservation in Nepal. He works as a Chief Conservation Scientist at the Endangered Species Research Unit of Biocon. He has a B.Sc. in Environment Science from the Kathmandu University and M.Sc. in Zoology from the Texas Tech University.

Ashish is broadly interested in application of genetic and ecological tools for the conservation of globally threatened yet often neglected wildlife. He has worked in the USA, Panama and Nepal in collaboration with Smithsonian Tropical Research Institute, Texas Tech University, Zoological Society of London and National Geographic Society. Currently, he is working on conservation of gharial, mugger crocodile, Indian and Chinese pangolins. Ashish is a recipient of conservation grants and fellowships from 10 internationally renowned conservation organizations and zoos. He has published over a dozen peer-reviewed research articles. He is also a National Geographic explorer and a member of the IUCN Crocodile Specialist Group.

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