Prakash Pradhanang

Prakash M. Pradhanang, PhD earned Master’s and PhD from University of Reading, UK, and did Post doc at the University of Florida in Gainesville. He is a professional plant pathologist, considered as one of global leaders on a plant disease called bacterial wilt caused by Ralstonia solanacearum. He managed Plant pathology, Entomology, Seed technology, and Soil sciences programs at Lumle Agricultural Centre (LAC) in Nepal and thinks that his tenure at LAC to be the most enjoyable and satisfying period of his life. His research results have been published in several internationally referred journals.  Prakash joined Heinz Seed Company-California in 2003 as a Plant pathologist, where he identified disease resistant traits, and managed seed-health testing laboratory. He established a brand new Plant pathology laboratory at LAC and at Heinz facility for disease diagnostics and seed-health testing. Heinz laboratory is accredited by National seed health system (NSHS) administered by Iowa State University. After his 10-year tenure at Heinz-California, he moved to south west Florida to join Lipman family farms in 2013 as Seed production manager. Lipman Co. is the largest fresh market tomato company in the USA. His extensive pathology background and experience of seed-health testing was a great aid to his new role as many diseases can be seed-borne and transmitted through seed trade. The new job took him to Chile, China, India, Peru, and Vietnam and travelled extensively to make hybrid seeds of tomato in these countries. After his return to Nepal in May 2019, Prakash continues to work as Seed Production consultant to Lipman Co. and manage seed production in Asian countries. As a give back to society, he wishes to help Nepalese Seed Producers to improve seed quality standards and connect with international seed industries.

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