Prabhat Bhusal

Prabhat Bhusal, PhD (University of Auckland, 2017) is a pharmaceutical scientist by training and is currently working as Research Fellow & Team Leader at Bayer Research Center based at the School of Pharmacy, University of Otago in New Zealand. Prabhat’s research broadly focuses on the development and characterization of different drug delivery systems and medical devices for human and veterinary applications. His research, while being central to drug delivery, has interfaced various disciplines including surgery, analytical chemistry, physiology, microbiology and veterinary; contributing to several commercial products, journal publications, conference proceedings and a recently-filed patent. Prior to his current role, Prabhat completed his PhD study at the University of Auckland in New Zealand. With emphasis on managing post-operative complications, his PhD focused on developing implants and gels to provide controlled release of local anesthetics for effective pain relief following surgery. During his Masters’ study in Chosun University in South Korea, he developed gastro-retentive granules to provide controlled release of a drug in the upper GI tract. Prabhat worked in Omnica laboratories in Nepal after completing a Bachelor’s degree in Pharmaceutical Sciences from Pokhara University in Nepal in 2006. His future goal is to extend the applications of drug delivery beyond human and animal healthcare, channeling more opportunities for collaborations and convergence to produce innovations.

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