Jae Kyung SohngJae Kyung Sohng received his M.S. (Organic Chemistry, 1986) from Yonsei University, Korea and Ph.D (Biochemistry, 1991) from Brown University, USA under the supervision of Prof. David E. Cane. Till 1994, he worked as post-doctoral fellow at University of Washington in Prof. Heinz G. Floss’s lab. Currently, he is a Professor at Department of BT Convergent Pharmaceutical Engineering at Sun Moon University and a Director of Institute of Biomolecule Reconstruction. He studied the biosynthesis pathways of sugar containing natural products. Recently, he is focusing on the biosynthesis of novel natural product glycosides by metabolic engineering of microbes.

Till date, he has already supervised more than 40 PhD students and similar number of MSc students.




2010, Ujae Award, Korea Society for Microbiology and Biotechnology

2010, Outstanding Paper Award, Korean Federation of Science and Technology


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