Ten different medicinally important plants collected from Khaptad National Park were found to be high antimicrobial, cytotoxic and high antioxidant properties. Among the sample were found to exhibit greatest antimicrobial properties with ZOI-10 mm at 200mg/ml extract concentration against S.aureus. which is in accordance of their traditional uses. A.spectabilis were found with highest cytotoxic property with LC50 value 6.14 ppm, among B.diffusa, T.foliolosum and E.strobilifera 13.59 ppm,64.50 ppm,223.46 ppm respectively. The high antioxidant properties observed in the plants E.strobilifera (5.46 ug/ml) using DPPH bioassay method which indicate their anticancer properties. A series of research is thought to be continued for the future which can lead for the development of drugs.

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