The Genomics Department at Deerwalk Services Pvt. Ltd., Kathmandu falls under the umbrella of Deerwalk Group of Companies which includes Deerwalk Institute of Technology (DWIT), Deerwalk Sifal School, Deerwalk Compware Ltd. and others. The Genomics Department at Deerwalk provides a set of specialized services which includes the analysis and curation of sequence variants and the validation of clinico-genetic contents of the software designed to perform such analysis and curation. The team has been conducting these tasks since 2006 and has delivered high-quality analysis and research reports in a variety of clinical settings. The educational background of the team is primarily based on Life Sciences and Biotechnology. They possess high level of proficiency in sequencing technologies and abide by the strict adherence to privacy standards which has helped in maintaining Deerwalk’s commitment to quality service.

Genomics at Deerwalk supports any types of genetic diagnostic or research centers engaged in DNA sequencing, analysis of genetic changes to determine impact on disease, or providing software solutions for genomics data. Other key advantages for organizations utilizing the service include rapid turn-around time and quality deliverables. Typical users are clinical/genetic laboratory directors, clinicians, scientists, genetic counselors or anyone building a personal genetic database. Commercial DNA testing laboratories and organizations engaged in research, personalized gene therapy or pharmacology can utilize and benefit from the services provided.


Deerwalk also possesses the in-house resources for building and maintenance of any customized tools, databases and/or software that can be beneficial for the analysis of genetic data and curation of sequence variants.

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